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  • Emma Broadhurst


Pinon resin burning, bitter coffee and cream. Sweetness and trust, pain and sudden change. My experiences as of late have had this emphasis on swinging between opposites, understanding tension as necessary for integrity. As a curious mind, and not an astrologer, I recently inquired about other's experiences of their astrological natal placements, specifically their north and south node landings. I am inspired to share my embodied experience of these energies and how I see them in relation to small and the all. Our nodes live in different houses of the chart, which will shape it's influence and expression accordingly. I won't get into too much of that here. I'll also be giving reference to the polarities of masculine and feminine, which I do not envision as binaries, or stagnant/isolated cells but rather entire pools of ecosystem unto themselves. They merely represent directional points that invite a myriad of energies within that are collected on the route there, multidirectionally. Conjuring more of an androgynous space that will don more character of one of the other depending on context, experience, and how the pendulum swings that day. It seems lots of folks are drawn to looking into these aspects, as we come to contemplate our identity, expression of self, and how we are honoring our soul's desires in this current iteration (Leo season themes). I feel that the south node represents the feminine, yin, the moon, it is the dark and fertile from which our soul came forth. It has worked and collected many wisdoms and tools from past lifetimes, shaped by the sign it has landed in, as indicated by your personal blueprint/constellation stamp of when your spirit arrived earth side. North node, feels masculine. It is yang, desires expression, structure, form, discipline, the sun. An energy we are designed to move towards in this life. It is unfamiliar, and can be uncomfortable and deeply trying. Our south node, is comfort and security, what we know so well. A well worn sweater, a favorite meal. As interpreted by an evolutionary astrology lens, I feel it is to our wellness to be informed and held by this place, but best not to continue to live there. There is a magnetic draw, a pull downward into this place into times of uncertainty. There live behaviors, vices, ways of being that have worked so well for us in the past but are no longer what our spirit wants to inhabit. Rather than beat ourselves up for dropping into this place, we can perceive it as a refuge. Allow this safety net of the south to catalyze you forward. This is our origin, like coming home to download what we need to carry with us on the road. The pinging between north and south energies is like the spiralic nature of life that I often refer to. That the goal is not to live linearly or only strive to live in the north but to appreciate that we are fluid between the two points. Walking the line of this structure of tension that lives within and around us is what holds us together. This makes me think of the weaving of a spider web, whose energy is created in the tension. Vibration amongst the threads is information to a spider, alerting to danger or threat. Similarly, between these two points in our charts and bodies is an electric impulse that invites us to acknowledge our constant movement. Trusting in the rise and fall, and rhythms of rest. Gather what you can at the center when you find yourself there. In the body, I visualize the origin and insertion points of muscles/connective tissue, such as the iliotibial tract on the lateral thigh. The fascial network here is a channel of structure, many think of it as something that needs rigorous rolling, to be broken down, rather than honoring what it is so intelligently designed to do. The polarity of points of connection in the body offer movement that extends beyond the understanding going from A to B, it invites touch that respects finesse over force, seeing that there is a whole spectrum of movement offered within there. Extension of the knee, rotation of the hip, holding the pelvis in place. And when the tension is off, we may feel pain, which is communication. This is our lesson, to be listening and honoring the integration offered by the walk between and what the way there has to tell us. I've been working with honoring the polarity in my body with herbs and essence work. Motherwort, a bitter nervine with actions directed to the heart center conjures south node and the lion hearted feminine for me. A spirit dose of usnea is in the formula, which inspires north node, paternal environment. Seeing from above. Rose holds and harmonizes all that is found in the in between.

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