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herbs and nutrition

Initial Visit 

up to 2 hours, $135

Includes holistic health assessment, nutritional education, and personalized herbal plan. Client will receive a written report detailing session notes & protocol information, as well communication via email during our working together (helpful for health updates & clarifying questions; if more support is needed a phone or in person follow up will be recommended). 

Custom herbal formulas are at additional cost. 

Pricing per ounce (on average-subject to change):

-Oils/salves: $12

-Flower essences: $10

-Tinctures: $12

-Whole herbs/tea: $5

More information about my consultation work



Follow Up Sessions

up to30 minutes, $45

60 minutes, $75

A follow up is recommended at one or two months into your protocol. Here we can assess the effectiveness of your plan and adjust as needed. The most sustainable shifts are attained by working together on your health over the course of 3-6 months. You are welcome to schedule at any interval therein if new conditions/interests arise. 

These sessions can be held in person at my studio or virutally by phone or video call. 

I offer sliding scale herbal consultations for those who find finances are a barrier to accessing care. Please review the green bottle infographic for more information on this tool of economic justice.

Contact me for more information & to make an appointment. 


I offer plant walks and workshops shaped by the season. We discuss plant ID, sustainable foraging practice, seasonally associated herbal & nutritional remedies, body systems, and elemental associations. Please check my events page for current offerings.​ I love to facilitate group/community work,  believing that our learning is expanded and nourished when shared.


I currently offer private classes in my studio space and seasonal programming at Perennial located in Manchester, CT.

I'm also available for 1:1 mentoring. Please contact me for more information on scheduling either a private or group educational experience.

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