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  • Emma Broadhurst

who we are

the narrative of our lives is written by so many more elements than our own minds.

this myth is crafted by contact with our environments, our awareness and response creates relationship with the unknown. these connections are revolving reminders of that which lives within us, is called outside of us in these dances. every extension of our energy out into this imprint-able, rippling world continuously reminds me that so much is wondrously not in my control and that allows me to breathe more deeply, and live within the moment of where i am. in knowing all of me is a collaboration, there is a willingness to always evaluate and adapt:change my story.

everything we do, all that we love becomes us in some way or another. it may take up as much space in the body as big as our pinky toe or spread as wide as our blood flow.

to invite the energy of allowance into the body is to fully be here. to create, to touch, a willingness to be destroyed. washed over, witnessed, rebuilt over and over again.

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