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about me


I'm Emma,


An herbalist and licensed massage therapist that loves to inspire a remembrance of the body as woven into the rhythms and cycles of earth. Whether working therapeutically hands on, in clinical herbal consultation, or leading workshops and plant walks in my community, I love to share with others about the empowerment and grounding found in the ancient practices of allying with food and herbs to nurture the many facets of their wellbeing.


I began my journey with herbs through an affinity for cooking, nutrition, and foraging. My formulas reflect a penchant for herbal energetics, balancing flavors and tending to the senses. I felt catalyzed by a drive to be of service to others with this practical, time honored skillset through my own healing journey, which has many layers (as all do).


I'm infinitely grateful to this path, and the herbs and lifestyle practices that have sustained and nourished my healing, and how they have offered me a gift to pass on.

I believe that vibrant health is informed and best allied by attention to the physical, emotional, and spiritual. I love to bring recognition to wellbeing as also nurtured and enhanced by relationships and our connection to community and the natural world.

I am deeply grateful to all of my teachers for the heart, patience, resources, and time they have shared with me. In this, I am devoted to live in a way that respects all that has come before me, and all that will come after me.  

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