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seasonal ritual

spring 2024

Available until 6/14

total session time: 90 minutes; $155/120 minutes; $185 (with 15 minutes additional massage added)

Themes: support through transition, recentering, heart opening, emotional & physical resilience, guidance in expansion & receiving 

Foot bath: red clover & rosemary

Herbal compress: calendula

Herbal oil: plantain, gotu kola, yarrow, rose, comfrey

Flower essence: wisteria, bleeding heart, violet, dandelion, clematis, walnut, crab apple

Seasonal infusion: detox chai of dandelion, burdock, honeybush tea & carminative spices


Observing our surroundings and the transitions of the seasons invites us to remember the interconnectedness of our bodies to our environments. Seasonal periods are an opportunity to reflect and realign. Making space to slow down and be present to ourselves allows us to embody where we are and embrace the next chapter. This spring ritual has an emphasis on softening & nourishing the nervous & lymphatic system. 


Session begins with relaxing over a cup of seasonal infusion to enjoy with a 10 minute foot bath infused with herbs and magnesium salts. Followed by an integrative massage (60 minutes), utilizing a nutritive and aromatic deep green oil to nourish the skin and calendula infused compresses to support warmth, grounding & circulation. 


A house made seasonal flower essence blend is incorporated into the service via footbath and on acupressure points within concluding 15 minutes of energy work. A take home bottle of the spring flower remedy is included to continue one's attunement to the season after the session.

Topical herbs subject to change; please inform your therapist of any allergies or sensitivities.

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