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I am currently practicing out of my own private studio in Coventry, CT (MT #11281) and at Haven Massage & Yoga in Sturbridge, MA (MT #17565).

If you need assistance finding a time to schedule after seeing what's available on online booking, please contact me. 

I currently do not serve the pediatric population, you must be 18 years or older to receive services.


Body work encapsulates any therapeutic technique that works with the human body by way of manual therapies or the energy system (massage is patterned and purposeful soft-tissue manipulation accomplished by use of digits, hands, forearms, elbows, knees and/or feet, with or without the use of emollients, liniments, heat and cold, hand-held tools or other external apparatus, for the intent of therapeutic change.)  


Holistic Massage

30 minutes; $55

60 minutes; $90

90 minutes; $135

120 minutes; $180

Holistic massage appreciates that through intentional, therapeutic touch, we have the capacity to create shifts and facilitate awareness across mind, body, spirit. With this inner awareness and presence, we are able to access consciousness around patterns (whether physical or emotional) that may be contributing to our discomforts. 

Similar to my other practices, my massage style reflects a holistic perspective that is less about orienting to dysfunction but about enhancing the innate organization and vitality of the body. Each session is customized to the individual, based on acute need and long term goals. Targeted focus work to provide relief of tension and restrictions in the tissue to enhance/restore function and mobility  is integrated with an intuitive flow to promote relaxation.  A variety of modalities & techniques may be employed (cupping therapy, myofascial release, trigger point, energy work, craniosacral). 



Arnica Alleviation: Active Relief Massage

60 minutes; $110

90 minutes; $155

For those looking for a sports style massage or symptom specific relief from muscle aches/pains and inflammation. Whether from arthritis, physical labor, exercise/outdoor activity (lifters, hikers, bikers, runners), this session is geared towards improving function & mobility. Signature holistic massage blended with cupping, stretching, deep tissue work, utilizing herbal infused treatments targeted for circulation and pain relief (featuring wintergreen, black birch, solomon’s seal, St. John’s wort, ginger, cinnamon, arnica). Not suited for sensitive skin or those that bruise easily, please inform your therapist of any allergies or sensitivities.



Prenatal/Postpartum Massage

60 minutes; $90

90 minutes; $135

Nourishing and restorative style massage with table adaptations to provide comfort and ease (utilizing bolstered side lying techniques and elevation when lying on back–tailored to the individual based on timeline of pregnancy journey). Supporting circulation, healthy fluid flow, connective tissue health, overall vitality and stress relief. Focus work on head/neck, low back/sacrum/hips, feet, and/or energy work is provided as desired. 



Balm of the Forest

75 minutes; $125

A deeply grounding, centering, and transportive session. For those who love forest bathing or start to feel off if they’re away from the woods too long. Signature holistic massage featuring house made evergreen infused oil (white pine, spruce, balsam fir, cedar), nature sound therapy as well as intentionally selected resonances/frequencies. Focus work on head and neck for clarity, as well as limbs for grounding & connection. Respecting that we receive immense psychospiritual benefit from the aromatic medicine of plants. Finished with energy work, cedar smoke cleanse and hydrosol reset. Please inform your therapist of any topical allergies or sensitivities. 



Ocean Meets Mountain

90 minutes; $145


Balm of the forest style one hour massage session with half hour additional craniosacral therapy.

add ons

Service Enhancements



15 minutes; $30

Extra massage focused on grounding and relieving the feet, incorporating ginger infused compress and peppermint oil blend. 



15 minutes; $30

Additional fascial work around the head/neck. Stimulating scalp gua sha & massage with rosemary, sage, and chamomile herbal preparation to cleanse & fortify (non-oily). 


Facial Focus

15 minutes; $30

Facial massage featuring lymphatic and CST technique to encourage drainage, respiratory/sinus passage relief, as well as lift & release emotion. Hot compress followed by specifically formulated hydrosol and herbal oil used for anti inflammatory, softening & hydrating benefit. 



15 minutes; $20

30 minutes; $40

Additional energy work for rest, release, and restoration. 


Plant Spirit Support


Incorporate a custom house made whole herb compress/wash, herbal infused oil/salve, or essential oil blend into your treatment, whether for whole body, focused tissue application, or facial work. 

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