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  • Emma Broadhurst

spectrum of the feminine

softening looks different across mediums and matter.

in stillness we find movement in all things.

the receptive place in my body,

how it feels and takes shape,

may look different than yours.

if in flower and flow is how you expect me,

my message you may miss.

seeing my body like a story

weaving myth of how my spirit moves across this form

helps me to better understand myself, and you.

my mind—

that of thoughts, dreams, visions

moves along my bone, muscle and skin,

like water carving through stone and soil,

wind across a plain.

in knowing our body like earth

we see more clearly how inner worlds generate outward,

shapeshifting into an ever malleable reality,

expressing into the clay of our lives.

in my present body—

i am more of mineral, mountain, and wood

solid, unwaivering

yet even still there is a form capable of carving.

movement in material that fractures and reveals.

this is is a different kind of softness,

one that requires discipline, attention, commitment, skill.

i arrive to nature open,

and with the offering of my soft spaces.

i drink in the gift of nonattachment found there.

resting into an eternal love without grasp or manipulation,

to feel interconnected, and free.

energy of emptiness, of opportunity, is a refuge,

quiet place of possibility.

1.23.21 5:16 PM

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Sharon Ann Margaret MalavasiVallone
Sharon Ann Margaret MalavasiVallone
Mar 28, 2021


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