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  • Emma Broadhurst

bring yourself close

i am feeling a closing in, not in a claustrophobic sense, but a calling back of my (our) energy. a softer yet sharper gaze, bringing our attention to the present, to our surroundings, to the body and to the senses. the more we can notice sensations, beauty, and tend to our own and the needs of those right around us, the more we nourish and fortify the vital force that will sustain us for time to come. adjusting the lens. focusing and clearing out, review what you subscribe to. fine tune. make way.

co regulating with nature, through this noticing: seeing the patterns, textures, colors of a plant, wind under the hands, sun on back, is the most grounding of resources for the spirit’s first aid kit.

i feel i am most engaged with, and breathing with my life, when i trust the world around me to meet me in this moment of noticing. time expands, i can feel more of my body, i experience more of myself, -here-

from that place, embodiment, we can be grounded in our power. for choices, for discernment, for loving, for clarity.


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Sharon Ann Margaret MalavasiVallone
Sharon Ann Margaret MalavasiVallone
28 бер. 2021 р.


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