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Integrative Herbal Consultations


The intention with all of my work is to provide a nourishing environment that fosters a pace for deep presence, a place to pause and listen fully to your interests and concerns.

This work is best for individuals who desire to assess & make changes to their daily habits, and for those who have the time & emotional space to adapt to recommendations regarding food, movement, and other branches of lifestyle relationship.

My integrative herbal consultations are personalized wellness sessions focused on supporting your innate vitality,  utilizing the art & science of herbal formulation and holistic nutritional guidance. We review the timeline of any acute, chronic, or social/emotional experiences pertinent to your intentions. We will discuss how herbs, foods, and lifestyle medicine can be of support to your current condition and unique constitution. Through this creative and thoughtful process we will collaborate on a plan and discuss custom herbal formulations as needed. Consultations utilize assessment of health history to review patterns and all major body systems. This allows us to observe how all systems are communicating and interconnected in the body. I offer facial/tongue/pulse analysis when available and with consent of interest.


We will discuss how food is functional information to our physiology, but also how state of mind, environment, and other social emotional factors are involved in our food relationship. We observe thought patterns that motivate the why behind what we eat.  We can also discuss the practical side of nutrition, including kitchen practices (how to stock your pantry, what tools to use) and recipes/methods for preparation. I aim to educate on seasonality/traditional methods of whole foods cooking, and to assist one’s capacity to engage with emotional resolution practices regarding food and to inspire gentleness and a nourishment mindset.  


An intake form will be emailed to you to complete prior to our visit.


Experiences that may benefit from herbal/nutritional support:

-chronic digestive issues, microbiome support

-menstrual cycle irregularities

-depleted immunity, frequent colds/flu/infection

-fatigue, lack of energy, sleep disturbances


-skin irritations, acne, chronic rash/eczema/hives

-prenatal & post-partum wellness


-lymphatic health

-stress & tension patterns in body & mind

-emotional balancing, mental health support

-nervous system regulation

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