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  • Emma Broadhurst

the world wide web

entering an era of awareness of the web, perception that is more realized, sense based and fine tuned than ever before.

the network of interconnection, the call and response of human body to one another and the environment, an appreciation of what is unseen. as it has always been—we see this in the communication of mycelial networks, tree speak, scent + sense facilitating a knowing like sound or touch—all underground or in the air, a seemingly intangible world wide web. it exists in the earth body, as it does in our own, as it does in this electrical crystal pulse + signal framework that i type through and send into the now.

i see this in my own body, past and present, and in the path of attunement to healing in my community, this expansion granted from insight of the nervous system as the primary driver of health, the captain of our relationship to all things. this is the time of electric air. magic medicine, dazzling and catalytic.


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