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  • Emma Broadhurst

foundational philosophy

I study nature to know the wisdom of my body. Through awareness of and respect for the rhythms and cycles shown to me—I can harness true power, that which is more of trust than control. Working with, versus power over. No force, no grip. This is the art of noticing, and part of my toolkit as human—a practice born for the love of efficiency as much as it is for beauty.

By becoming attuned to the environment through the senses, which are the language through all that of earth speaks—I can discern what to move towards to restore, and what to release and allow to fall away. This is a language of grace, designed for every body.

Connecting back into our animistic nature may just help us from the perils of over intellectualizing ourselves to death.

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1 Comment

Sharon Ann Margaret MalavasiVallone
Sharon Ann Margaret MalavasiVallone
Mar 28, 2021

working with vs. power over... so important in healing work

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