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  • Emma Broadhurst


Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Looking at the root of it all, it is my love of writing that sent me to working within the healing arts. Nutritive words fill my well as much as nourishing food and herbs. Poetry has been my way of transforming my experience of the environment into language, to settle into my body through deep listening and observation, awaiting the expansion of translating my senses to image in words. I found peace and clarity in letting earth energy envelop me. From here, I use my attention and body awareness to gather insights to support deeper understanding of my own state of being, as well as to reflect that of the collective energy I experience. Noticing the cascade of changes in the shifts of the seasons, the sun, moon, and other planetary energies, as well as the animal activity around me informs my message and inspires my work.

film photo by my dear friend, Sam of Terracotta Farmacia

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