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Herbal health consultations are an exploration of your personal energetic & constitutional blueprint, taking into account the acute, chronic, or emotional/energetic issue that brings you to seek clarity and support. We will discuss how certain plants match your current presentation and collaborate on a wellness plan including herbal formulations attuned to your unique biochemistry and personality.

Consultations utilize assessment of health history to review patterns and body system areas to focus on. I offer facial/tongue/pulse analysis when possible. Recommendations for nutrition/kitchen practices, flower essence therapy, movement, or creative practice, may be incorporated and referrals offered as needed.

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-Integrative Herbal Initial visit (includes 2 follow ups): 2 hours, $250

-Holistic Nutrition Consult: 1 hour, $100

-Custom Remedy Consult/Adjunct Education: up to 45 minutes; $50

therapeutic bodywork

I am currently practicing massage and energy work at Haven Massage & Yoga.

My massage style reflects a holistic perspective, as I integrate a variety of techniques (swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, joint mobility, reiki). My focus is to uncover underlying patterns of restriction and facilitate an inner awareness to whole body connection. I am guided by my listening to the body,  through nervous system awareness and tissue response. Each treatment is individually tailored, based on your current needs and long term goals. My sessions are shaped by an intentional & intuitive approach. My hope is that you leave our time together feeling more spacious, grounded, and relaxed.

payment & scheduling

Payment for sessions is processed after booking is established.

Note: I ask for 24 hours notice of any appointment changes.

Any custom formulations via consultation (+ shipping) is at additional cost to your session.

I offer 20 minute discovery calls if you'd like to meet and discern our compatibility. All sessions are held over zoom unless otherwise arranged.

Paperwork will be sent to you upon booking, to complete prior to meeting. 


To request an appointment:

Name your inquiry through the contact form

or email

In your message, please let me know what days and times may work best for you.


I offer plant walks and workshops shaped by the season. We discuss plant ID, sustainable foraging practice, seasonally associated herbal & nutritional remedies, body systems, and elemental associations. Please check my events page for current offerings.

I love to facilitate group/community work,  believing that our learning is expanded and nourished when shared.

Please contact me for more information on scheduling either a private or group educational experience.

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