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Welcome to the first live educational offering to be held at the Of Earth studio. In this class we'll be exploring how to make one method of a water based herbal extraction called an herbal infusion. This is a preparation that is consumed for it's therapeutic properties and depending on herbs chosen, can be worked with as part of a daily practice or incorporated for an acute health issue. 


Herbal infusions are a beautiful way to add ritual into your day. Over time I have found drinking herbal infusions to make profound and sustainable shifts in my overall wellbeing, increasing vitality both in body & spirit. Herbal infusions are also an incredible way to provide essential nutrients in a highly assimilable form. We'll also discuss specific herbs & practices supportive to hydration.


We will review a number of herbs and their respective herbal actions/energetics, how to make an infusion, and other important baseline considerations when starting to work with herbs therapeutically such as dosage & contraindications so you can move forward confidently with this practice. 


Within this time we will enjoy an infusion together and have space for questions/discussion. Based on information provided, participants are invited to create their own herbal blend to take home (1 cup of herbs/16 cups of infusion, included in ticket price). 


Ticket purchase is required for attendance.



Friday, February 23rd 2024

5:30-7:30 PM



21 Bread and Milk Street, Coventry CT

A red barn building at the intersection of rt 44/31 across from Cumberland Farms. There is a small parking lot in front, you will see signs for CFM Cycles/Golf Factory. I am on the second floor, stairway the second in the back on the right hand side of the building. Lights will be on the stairs.


Please email with any questions:






Information provided in this course is for educational purposes only and not intended to replace the guidance of a licensed medical professional practitioner, to diagnose, treat, or prescribe. 

herbal infusions: class on 2/23

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