working together


I hope to inspire others to engage with their own healing in ways that feel affirmative, nourishing and practically implementable into their daily lives. I love to share that this relationship with health, our body and the earth, is a practice that is cultivated daily.

The backbone of any process with me is in facilitating awareness to how you engage and integrate with the energies in and around you. Learning how to listen to your body & tend to it's messages is a skill you'll have for the rest of your life. 


You may be seeking to work with me for general preventative health, spirit/emotional care, or to work with an acute or chronic condition. All are welcome. Some examples of client experiences I've worked with:

digestive disturbances, menstrual irregularity, kidney/urinary health support, chronic viral/bacterial issues, strained eating relationship/patterns, upper respiratory infection/cold/flus,  circulatory deficiencies/cardiovascular health, inflammatory skin conditions (acne, eczema), stress/anxiety/depression


My sessions have an herbal and nutritional healing focus. I am most engaged with my study of understanding herbal energetics and clinical applications, and how they synergize with a person's unique biochemistry, personality, and presenting condition. 

Based on interest/relevance, a session can include any combination of:

-energy/body work

-flower essence therapy

-custom herbal formulas with protocol

-nutritional assessment

-kitchen practices/culinary skills

-pulse, tongue, facial line reading

-verbal somatic exploration/embodiment coaching

-recommendations for movement or art based practices

-referrals as needed


Initial visit (for any service):

90 minutes; $125

Follow ups:

1 hour; $75

$15 for every 15 minutes over or under time 

I offer no cost discovery calls if you'd like to meet and discern our compatibility.

All sessions are held over zoom unless otherwise arranged.

Paperwork will be sent to you upon booking, to complete prior to meeting. 

payment & scheduling

Payment for sessions is processed at the time of booking (via paypal, venmo, cash or check). If you are in need of other arrangements, such as a payment plan or sliding scale, please let me know! I'm happy to work something out with you.

Please note that I ask for 24 hours notice of any appointment changes.

Any herbs/products added within session work are at additional cost. 

Connect here to set up an appointment time.

knowledge share

I offer plant walks and live/online workshops. On walks, I discuss medicinal & culinary uses of plants, sustainable foraging practices, botany & plant identification. Class topics range from nutrition, culinary arts,  methods of herbal medicine making and other healing art forms in practice.

My classes are often shaped by the seasons, travelling through winter, spring,  summer, and autumn. We discuss associated herbal remedies, body systems most influenced, and elements associated with those times. I offer practices & rituals to identify & integrate the transformations of the body occurring within that season at home.

I love to facilitate group/community work,  believing that our learning is expanded and nourished when shared.

Please contact me for more information on scheduling either a private or group educational experience.