I'm Emma,

I assist others in their journey to feeling better, more grounded, and at home in their bodies.  I arrived to herbalism through a love of cooking, the power of nutritional healing, and the joy in serving high quality, nutrient dense foods to elevate the spirit and nurture the body.  Alongside wearing the hat of kitchen herbalist, I lead with a poetic heart.  I often utilize metaphor to relate the ways of our forms to that of earth, to see and feel ourselves as reflective of and always in communication with the environment. Both of these crafts are very much about feeling, and are root to the calling I have always felt to work with my hands. I am drawn to understand the body through this tactile means of listening through massage and energy work. 

I see evaluation of the physical/internal, emotional, and relationships/connection to community and the natural world all as a part of health and healing. It is my hope that the diversity of my toolkit and the eclectic nature of my work honors this, and the complex weaving that is the fabric of you. I aim to offer company on the path to your unique timeline of transformation.

With compassionate & reverent attention, my techniques focus on uncovering underlying patterns of restriction (whether physical or emotional, in habits or structural form). I believe there is a wisdom in what has hindered us. Our strategies together are about pause + deep listening, looking to the ways we can reestablish harmony through body & energy work, customized herbal protocols, nutritional education, and emotional care.