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Massage & Energy Healing Sessions:

Similar to my other practices, my massage style reflects a holistic perspective that is less about orienting to dysfunction but about enhancing the innate organization and vitality of the body. I integrate a variety of techniques (Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point, joint mobility, stretching, reiki). My focus is to uncover underlying patterns of restriction and facilitate an inner awareness to whole body connection. I am guided by my listening to the body,  through nervous system awareness and tissue response. Each treatment is individually tailored, based on your current needs and long term goals. My sessions are shaped by an intentional & intuitive approach. My hope is that you leave our time together feeling more spacious, grounded, and relaxed.

Massage can be booked in 30-90 minute sessions.


The intention of energy work sessions is to nourish, amplify, and bring presence to the body's innate rhythms. In this time we attune to the body's energy field and support the rebuilding or enhancement of a sense of coherence through body, mind, and spirit. These sessions act as a guide to dropping back into the comfort of remembrance of the body as earth. I may incorporate herbs on the body via brushing, burning incense, flower essences on pulse points, and other preparations like compresses and oils. Acutely these sessions are restorative to the nervous system and by increasing one's sense of wellbeing can overtime support the immune system,  as well as improve the body's resilience and capacity to adapt to various stressors (whether pain, illness, emotional distress).


Reiki (energy work) can be utilized alongside any other modality or health practice, as there are no known contraindications. Regular sessions offer cumulative benefit. My style of energy work incorporates subtle touch/holds (and hands off sensing of the energy body is incorporated, or if preferred). I typically lay hands on the feet, knees/legs, under the sacrum (low back) and around the head/under the neck. Here we can sense movement, reception + expression within the energy (chi) circulating through and interpreted by the body’s energy centers (chakras).  Reiki, as I was trained, is an opportunity to acknowledge our infinite capacity for healing and for fostering intuition. Benefits are found ranging from subtle shifts noticed over time, to immediate and profound. Folks often report falling asleep, feeling like they're floating or arriving to a dreamlike state. By allowing the body to rest in a deep state of relaxation and peace,  one gains quiet space to engage their own self healing mechanisms.  You may experience a sensations of warmth, centeredness, calm, and/or emotional release. 

Energy work can be booked in 30 or 60 minute increments. 

Bach Flower Remedies (and other energetic preparations of plants) do not work directly on the physical body but rather they assist on an motional level and when the imbalance or cause is addressed through the remedy, the physical symptom or discomfort will improve. The remedies are designed to help the body heal itself by restoring emotional balance, much like the practices of reiki and craniosacral therapy. 

An additional 30 minute consult is available to add to your session time to follow up with discussion of my reading the body-impressions and intuitive guidance regarding your energy field. I'll offer potential herbs & flower essence preparations to continue working with you after our time together (1 ounce formula is included). 

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